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Often times Clients know they need something but are not sure where to begin or what exactly they need.  That's where I can help.   


Interior Design / Remodeling - need help creating a home that fits you and your family's needs and style?

Room Decorating / Styling - want to refresh or transform a room?

Space Planning - Updating a room, but not sure what furniture, lighting and area rugs will fit?  

Holiday / Seasonal Design and Decorating - Love all the Holiday Decor you see in the stores or online, but don't know where to begin in your own home?  

Outdoor Design - looking to maximize your outdoor living space?  

Home furnishings / Decor Shopping -  ready to redecorate your home or a room, but just dread shopping?

Moving - Want to give your home an update to increase its market value?

Chalk Painting / Furniture remodels - Have a piece of furniture you love but it feels out-of-date?

Consultation -  just need some ideas to help get started?


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